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2017-18 MSC Candidates

College of Agriculture & Bio Resources 

BlankCandidate Mason Cameron
No Platform Provided


BlankCandidate Hanna Howe
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KT Keana Trudel
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College of Arts & Sciences

AM Aidan Murphy
My name is Aidan Murphy, and I am running to be one of the three Members of Student Council representing the college of Arts and Science. Next fall will mark the start of my fourth year on campus. These past few years have been spent pursuing a double major in Political Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies.

However, these years have also been spent getting involved on campus and getting organized in the community. I have come to learn the importance of our processes, and the necessity of all of us to get involved and have our say. It is my belief that through these processes, students can set out a progressive vision for their campus. But this does not just happen out of thin air. It takes the ambition to define lofty and forward-thinking goals. It takes the capability of those in elected position to draft realistic policies and proceed to act on them. It also takes those same people going back into their campus community and getting organized from the bottom-up. These three things present the exact reasons why I believe I would make a very good MSC. I am an ambitious goal-setter. I understand the importance of refining those goals so that we can find a compromise which works best for all of us. And, I think most importantly, I understand the importance of trying not to alienate people – of trying to reach into untapped or underrepresented communities on our campus and finding out what is best for them.

Through my time getting involved with student groups and organizations on campus, I have adopted a breadth of knowledge about the proceedings of these groups and their importance in building communities on campus. I have been an active member in the Arts and Science Students Union and the Political Studies Students Association for the past couple of years. I have also been the president or co-president of multiple other groups on campus. In my experience with these groups, I have helped to draft policy structure, deal with conflict, work with other groups and students, and solve problems which have arisen. I have also built various other strong relationships around campus with them. Whether with faculty, or with students, I feel that the relationships which I have developed through student organizations have been absolutely priceless. My value for them is a large part in why I have chosen to run.

I very much hope that my experiences will help you consider me. If you have any questions about policy specifics, please contact me at my email at aidanmurphyyy@gmail.com or on Facebook. Also, expect frequent Facebook updates on things which I intend to focus on if elected.

Thank you for your consideration, and I wish all of the candidates the very best!


KP Kylie Phillips
My name is Kylie Phillips and I am running for the USSU Arts and Science Member of Student Council. I am currently a second year Political Studies major. If elected, I plan to increase communication between the USSU and the College of Arts & Science, as well as attempt to foster a stronger community between the Arts students and the Science students. To increase communication, I would like to help initiate a monthly email list from the USSU to students to keep students informed and provide easy access to learn about the decisions being made by Council. I would also like to see two key programs implemented. The first is a composting program in conjunction with the city to significantly reduce unnecessary food waste on campus. The second issue that needs addressing is a need to implement a program for students living on meal plans who are faced with a closed Marquis Culinary Centre over the holidays and a lack of accessible food and meal preparation options. As someone who holds politics and student government near and dear to my heart, it would be an honor to be elected as your MSC. On March 22-23, vote Kylie Phillips for MSC!


EP Elizabeth Plishka
Hello USask! My name is Elizabeth Plishka and I am running to be one of the Arts and Science Members of Student Council. I am currently in my third year of a degree in Health Studies. I am very excited to be the only Science student hoping to represent the college of Arts and Science on the University Council.
In the 2016-2017 academic year, I got more involved on campus by participating in Student Forum and becoming a University Relations Student Ambassador. I learned so much about how our university runs, how decision are made, and the exciting initiatives that are happening on campus. These experiences are what made me decide that I wanted to represent Arts and Science students on the university council.
While our university is making a lot of exciting improvements and has a lot to offer, I also have heard complaints, and noticed that our university could improve. We have inadequate mental health services, there is a lack of financial support for student research, and that we still don’t have nap rooms! I promise to listen to any students who have ideas for improvement and to make them agenda items during council meetings, which currently happens rarely.


KS Kirsten Samson
Mental health services on campus, the affordability of education, and accessibility in the College of Arts & Science are three areas I intend to improve if elected Member of Student Council.
With an over-the-phone intake appointment and a month to two months waiting time, mental health services need improvement for Arts & Science students. No student should have to wait a month to simply have an intake appointment. Further, our students should not have their first appointment over the phone as students may not have access to a phone, private space, or the chance to make a phone call. If elected, I will ensure that this changes.
The Arts & Science building has a ramp, but the elevator is often inaccessible. If elected, I intend to fix this problem through discussions about improving the elevator or ways that we can increase accessibility in other areas of the building.
Education is expensive, but the cost continues to raise. I have begun vital work with the USSU as a Student-at-Large to keep the cost of post-secondary down. If elected, I will continue working to keep the cost of education down and planning innovative ways to lobby the government in this regard.

College of Dentistry 

No Candidates – Fall Byelection


College of Education 

Madison Nagel
When I heard about the election for Member of Student Council I knew I had to run. Like all of you, I joined U of S because I’ve always believed it’s is one of the best schools in Country. I have some ideas that I think might make it one of the best in the world.

If you vote for me for Member of Student Council on March 22, 2017 I promise you that I will do my best to make our school even better. Over the past few years I have worked in a number of leadership roles as a Director of program development for children and many more I believe I have the right skills for this position. But what’s more important is that I know that I have the passion for it.

A few years from today, we will all be out in the working world with the same education experience on our resumes. Let me make sure that our college is one that we can be proud of. Please vote for Madison Nagel for Member of Student Council on March 22, 2017.

Let’s make U of S even better.

Madison Nagel


Edwards School of Business

AH Austin Heintz
No Platform Provided

College of Engineering 

EE Erika Erlandson
A Through my involvement with the Saskatoon Engineering Students’ Society, I have had many great opportunities to get involved with engineering organizations across Canada. I have seen how well engineering students from many different schools work together to help and support each other. Now, I want to show that engineers can work just as well within the university as a whole. If I am elected MSC for Engineering, I will work on creating better relations with the other colleges by increasing communication and encouraging more Engineering involvement in campus activities. In addition, I am interested in working with the various USSU committees, including the indigenous, international, external, and student affairs committees, to promote diversity in engineering.
I am dedicated to creating a better academic experience in our college and giving engineering students a voice on campus. I am ready to listen to you – I welcome your feedback and will not hesitate to raise your concerns.


BlankCandidate Dayne Gawley
No Platform Provided


NKS Noah Koh-Steadman
No Platform Provided

International Students

No Candidates – Fall Byelection

Indigenous Students

BlankCandidate Kiefer Roberts
No Platform Provided


BlankCandidate Anastasia Sylvestre
No Platform Provided

College of Kinesiology

No Candidates – Fall Byelection

College of Law

DD Darcy Dumont
My name is Darcy Dumont and I am currently a second year student at the College of Law. Since September I have been the Member of Student Council representing the College of Law. It has been an honour and a privilege to serve my fellow students, and I would be delighted to have the opportunity to continue.
My goals as the MSC for Law are to ensure that Law students receive strong representation on the USSU and to make my fellow students aware of everything the USSU and University of Saskatchewan has to offer. I want to continue building the connection between the USSU and students at the College of Law.
I encourage you to take the time to vote on March 22nd and 23rd to help shape the future of our Students’ Union.

College of Medicine

No Candidates – Fall Byelection

College of Nursing

BlankCandidate Aliya Abbasi
No Platform Provided

College of Pharmacy & Nutrition

AM Alexandria McMillan
No Platform Provided

St. Thomas More College

BK Brent Kobes
My name is Brent Kobes, and I am running to become a Member of Student Council for Saint Thomas More College. As a member of student council I plan on promoting above all else, inclusiveness, justice, and sustainability. I believe with these core ideas that we can create a strong campus community, however it takes more than an individual to stimulate the change that we need and I therefore humbly ask for your support both on March 22-23, but also in the upcoming year ahead.

Western College of Veterinary Medicine

No Candidates – Fall Byelection