ELDER TIME – Tea with Kokum

For many years there have been Elders at the University of Saskatchewan campus to provide support and knowledge to the increasing number of Indigenous students. Now it is time to broaden the reach of Elders to include newcomers and other non-Indigenous students too.

The USSU has partnered with Elder Marjorie Beaucage, with the hope of engaging students on campus. Elders are knowledge keepers, transmitters of cultural and spiritual sensibilities, advisors, healers, counsellors, and providers of wisdom.

ELDER TIME will be a combination of formal and informal teachings, presentations, interactive activities, fun, tea, and visiting with the possibility of other conversations centered around the teachings of the Medicine Wheel.

The Medicine Wheel represents the alignment and continuous interaction of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual realities. The circle shape represents the interconnectivity of all aspects of one’s being, including the connection with the natural world. Medicine wheels are frequently believed to be the circle of awareness of the individual self; the circle of knowledge that provides the power we each have over our own lives. The Medicine Wheel contains all of the traditional teachings and can, therefore, be used as a guide on any journey, including the educational process.


Marjorie Beaucage is a Two Spirit Franco-Metis filmmaker, cultural worker, and educator. Her work has been screened in bingo halls and at City Hall, from Northern Labrador to New York. She is a change agent, both in her own life and in the lives of those around her. At 70, during a residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute in New Mexico in 2017, she reflected on a lifetime of art and activism and wrote about her life. While there, she experimented with Circus Arts and Spoken Word as new forms for sharing her life stories.

In the early 1990s, Marjorie Beaucage was a co-founder of the Aboriginal Film and Video Art Alliance. As a “Runner” she worked as cultural ambassador to negotiate self-governing partnerships and alliances with the Banff Centre for the Arts, V-Tape, the Canada Council for the Arts, and the Saskatchewan Arts Board, which resulted in the development of new Indigenous Arts programs. She also programmed the first Aboriginal Film Festival in Toronto, Reel Aboriginal, at Harbourfront Centre in 1992.

Beaucage has always challenged the status quo to make room for different ways of being; advocating for spaces for Indigenous Peoples to have their own voice, be visible in media, and explore storytelling traditions in contemporary ways.

Medicine Wheel for the Indian Act… Through Stories, Understand How the Laws of Canada Impacted the Laws of the Land.

January 24
TIME: 1:00pm
North Concourse, Place Riel

Decolonizing 101…. What Land Sovereignty Looks Like

January 30
TIME: 1:00pm
LOCATION: Education, Rm 1004

What Settler People and Newcomers Brought Here… What Was Left Behind?

February 6
TIME: 1:00pm
LOCATION: Roy Romanow Student Council Chamber

DRUM / Song Vibrations in the Universe. What Relations Could Look Like, Feel Like in the Future

February 13
TIME: 1:00pm
LOCATION: Gordon Oakes Red Bear Student Centre

Women, They Hold the Ground. Teachings and Full Moon Ceremony

March 6 -Full Moon (Moon Circle)
TIME: 5:00pm
LOCATION: USSU Women’s Centre, 103 Memorial Union Building

Two Spirit Roles and Responsibilities

March 13
TIME: 1:00pm
LOCATION: USSU Pride Centre, 104 Memorial Union Building

Making New Relations … Anti Racism Strategies. Creating the Future

March 20
TIME: 1:00pm
LOCATION: Room Change – Now ISSAC, Lower Place Riel

Colonialism On Canvas (Art Based)

March 27
TIME: 1:00pm
LOCATION: North Concourse, Place Riel

Stress Less – Aboriginal Medicines

April 8
TIME: 1:00pm
LOCATION: USSU Main Office, Place Riel