University Senate

BlankCandidate Jessica Quan
Jessica Quan is a third year Arts and Science student working towards a degree in political studies and a minor in philosophy. Currently, Jessica is the vice-president of the Political Studies Students’ Association and is involved with other on-campus groups such as the Arts and Science Students’ Union, The Sheaf and the USSU Women’s Centre. Jessica values connectivity and engagement within and beyond the college will take the steps to sustain such active involvement. Whether you find her spending late nights studying at the Murray library, grabbing a coffee at Louis Loft, or roaming throughout the hallways, Jessica is a friendly and approachable face that can be found around campus. As an individual who values input, questions or concerns, Jessica will take the measures to ensure that your voice is represented in council and that your interests are addressed.

ahmed_abueidda Ahmed Abueidda

BlankCandidate Jon Sieffert

david_deon David D’Eon
My name is David D’Eon. I am entering into my third year of a Political Studies degree, with a minor in French. I am the president of the Political Studies Students’ Association, an organization that I kickstarted this year, and which holds a membership of 45 volunteers. I can’t explain my love of politics as anything less than a passion. For me, the prospect of representing the college of Arts and Science is a responsibility I take very seriously, because I understand that the USSU has a responsibility to improve the experience of every person that walks through our doors.

I began volunteering for the Women’s Centre on campus over a year ago. I am an advocate for feminism, and I am convinced that having representatives ready to address issues of gendered violence and discrimination is necessary to create a university community that welcomes everyone.

Ultimately, what I am trying to sell you on is my experience. I firmly believe that I have the life skills necessary to adapt and excel within student council, and I am confident that I can leave this position next year having made a positive impact on the university as a whole.