Open Textbooks

The USSU strongly believes that post-secondary education should be accessible to all students. Open textbooks help alleviate the financial burden of a university education by yielding cost savings for students across campus.

Open textbooks and other open educational materials allow students and instructors to access, use, revise, and share learning material freely. This is because most of these materials are either in the public domain or carry one of the Creative Commons licenses.

Digital versions of these resources are available for free, or they may be printed at a fraction of the cost of a regular commercial textbook.

In the past five years, open textbooks and resources have saved U of S students approximately $1.7 million. Open textbook creations save students $1.24 for every $1.00 invested, open textbook adaptation saves students $3.34 for every $1 invested, and open textbook adoption saves on average $100 per student per course. In the 2016-17 school year alone, 2,503 students saved over $253,000, a 170% increase from the previous academic year.

Visit this website for more information about Open Educational Resources and about Creative Commons licenses.

Also, click here to learn more about the courses at the University of Saskatchewan currently using Open Textbooks.