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The Graduate-Undergraduate Mentorship Program is a collaboration between the University of Saskatchewan Undergraduate Students’ Union (USSU) and the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA). This program aims to connect undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing graduate studies with qualified graduate students in similar fields of interest through mentorship.

As mentors, graduate students will assist undergraduate students by providing guidance and advice on various topics relating to graduate studies. For example, the application process, program selection, research and funding opportunities, and student-supervisor relationships.

The Graduate-Undergraduate Mentorship Program will strengthen the community at the University of Saskatchewan and build relationships between students at varying levels of academia.

The Graduate – Undergraduate Mentorship Program


Who are Mentors?

•Mentors are current graduate students at the University of Saskatchewan who volunteer to support undergraduate students interested in pursuing graduate studies in the same, or similar, field.  

Benefits of being a mentor:

•Improve your interpersonal and leadership skills.

•Gain meaningful volunteer experience.

•Give back to the University of Saskatchewan community.

•Increase your colleague network.


Who are Mentees?

•Mentees are undergraduate students at the University of Saskatchewan, in any year of degree or program, who are interested in pursuing further studies.


Time Commitment and Expectations:

•A minimum of two face-to-face meetings per term

•Attend one networking event (Attendance not required)

•Minimum of tree hours per term.

How to become a mentee:

Apply to become a mentee for the Winter Term of the 2016-2017 academic year by clicking HERE.