Room Bookings

All USSU Ratified Campus Groups may book academic space on campus for free for the purposes of holding events, meetings, or fundraisers.

To book University space you must contact the Room Scheduling Office. For locations approved for events serving alcohol on campus click here. Contact Room Scheduling by email, phone 306-966-4919 or online.

Room Scheduling and Risk Management require that anyone who books rooms have some sort of insurance. The basic liability insurance obtained through ratification matches this requirement and thus must occur before booking rooms on campus.

Booking USSU Venues

The USSU has multiple venues available for student group events. This includes Louis’, Louis’ Loft, the campus club space, and the North Concourse in Place Riel.

North Concourse

The North Concourse is another great space available to Campus Groups and Societies. The North Concourse is great for trade shows, art displays, and outreach, the traffic in the space is less than the tunnel, but it allows students to stop and engage with your group.

• 10 Tables are available for booking with a deposit
• 10 chairs are available for booking with a deposit
• No hot food is allowed, and all food must be approved by the Facilities Manager prior to the booking.

Contact: to book North Concourse

Student Events at Louis’ or Louis’ Loft

Your student group meeting, reception or event is important to us, to book your event call 306-966-7002.

Audio Visual Equipment (outside of Louis’)

Audio Visual Equipment is available for rental through the University website.

Equipment charges vary, and there is no applicable charge if the purpose of the equipment is educational.

Email Louis’ and the Loft
Email Campus Club Space
Email North Concourse