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Usask Matters

Ensuring student success requires adequate funding for student services and programs. We’re asking the Provincial government to fulfill their campaign promise of supporting post-secondary students.

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Please sign this petition and remind the Government of Saskatchewan the importance of investing in students. If you would like to volunteer with the #UsaskMatters campaign by collecting signatures for our petition, we would absolutely love for you to print out the form.

The University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union exists to represent, serve and support the academic and non-academic needs of undergraduate students of the University of Saskatchewan. It also serves to protect and maintain the integrity of quality, accessible public education. It is in that capacity that the USSU advocates for the importance of ensuring the student experience are adequately met. Integral to the student experience is the development and continuation of necessary student programs and services, both academic and nonacademic.

In any budget shortfall, tough decision must be made in regards to funding for public programs. The USSU is very well aware that the costs of running a university is enormous and that much of the funding comes from taxpayer dollars. However, with a funding decrease from the Provincial Government, students will be forced to face either a significant tuition increase, cutbacks to essential student services, or both.

Tuition already makes up approximately 26% of the university’s operating budget and remains the greatest barrier to education and as such, unaffordable tuition is the greatest detriment to the quality of undergraduate education and the overall student experience.

The impact of quality and accessible public education is of the utmost importance. In particular, U of S graduates have benefited our province, of the 150,000 U of S Alumni, 73,206 have stayed in Saskatchewan and contribute to our growing economy.

In 2014, about $1.2 billion of Saskatchewan’s $83 billion economy, or about 1.5 percent, was tied to the U of S;

  • Annual research funding for the U of S has nearly doubled in the last 10 years to nearly $200 million.
  • 40% of Saskatchewan government funding returned to the province through taxation ($201 million in 2013/14).
  • 57% of international graduates since 2000 stayed in SK.
  • 87% of aboriginal graduates since 2000 live in SK.

The USSU offers three recommendations regarding tuition costs, which we believe are of the utmost importance to ensure that tuition will not be manipulated to balance the books at the University of Saskatchewan.

  • That the Province of Saskatchewan commit to minimum annual funding increases by the projected rate of the Saskatchewan Consumer Price Index.
  • That University of Saskatchewan tuition increases do not exceed the projected annual rate of the annual Saskatchewan Consumer Price Index.
  • That the University of Saskatchewan immediately implement a system by which students can project the full costs of specific degrees on a yearly basis.