Welcome to the USSU

Your University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union (USSU) stands as the official voice and advocate for undergraduate students at the University of Saskatchewan. Since 1909, we’ve been all about students like you, offering support and services to help you thrive academically and enjoy every bit of your time at the University of Saskatchewan.

Hey, we’re students too, so we get it – the struggle with classes, money, and all those university challenges. But you know what? University life is about way more than just hitting the books. It’s about making connections and having fun outside of lectures and labs.

Count on your USSU to have your back with services designed to make your life easier. Thanks a ton for trusting us to be your 2024-25 executive team! Got an awesome idea or need some support? Don’t think twice – reach out to us anytime!

  • The U-Pass is the USSU undergraduate transit pass, which offers students huge savings on transportation. The U-Pass is mandatory for full and part-time undergraduate students at the U of S. [...]

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  • Empower Me is a confidential support service available 24/7, 365 days a year. No issue is too big or too small - regardless of what you’re experiencing, you’re not [...]