Important Dates

August 15, 2022

Fall Term U-Pass can be loaded. Fall Term U-Pass allows you to access Saskatoon Transit from September 1 to December 31.

You will be required to activate your U-Pass each term.

August 15, 2022

Opt-Out applications may be submitted online to the USSU. Applications will not be processed until September 6th.

August 31, 2022

Summer Term U-Pass is deactivated at the end of the day. Fall Term U-Pass will be required starting September 1.

September 1, 2022

Fall Term U-Pass is active. You will be able to activate your U-Pass on your phone after the start of the term (after 12:00am on September 1st).

September 15, 2022

Last day to apply for Fall Term Opt-Outs. Completed online applications are due no later than 4:30pm.

December 31, 2022

Fall Term U-Pass is deactivated at the end of the day. Winter Term U-Pass will be required on January 1.

Setup Your Smartphone

1. Go to your phone’s app store and download the Saskatoon Transit mobile ticketing app, Transit Go (TGo)

Link to Apple’s App Store
Link to Google Play Store

2. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, follow these steps to create an account:

3. Open the Transit Go app and in the top right corner, click the three lines to be presented with the Utilities menu

4. Select “My Account”

5. Select “New account” if you haven’t created an account for the Transit Go app

6. Enter your Usask email address in this format

It is very important that you use that email format, do not use or If you do not use the format, PAWS will not recognize your account and your U-Pass will not be available on your phone.

Enter a password for your Transit Go account, we recommend not using the same password as your University accounts.

After entering your password a second time, select the “Create a new account” button.

7. Check your Usask email account ( for a verification email from Saskatoon Transit. The email will be from (if you don’t see it within 5 minutes, check your spam/junk folder)

8. You will need to click the Verify Account link in the email to complete your account creation setup

9. After you have verified your account, you can follow the next steps on PAWS.

Load Your U-Pass

  1. Login to PAWS and go to the U-Pass portal
  2. You will then be shown a list of term options available to you.
  3. If the system shows that you are not eligible for a U-Pass, you are either:
    1. not enrolled in classes for that term.
    2. only taking classes that do not have the U-Pass fee associated with them.
  4. If you are eligible for a U-Pass for a term, you will see an [Activate] button next to the list, click that button.
  5. Check your Your Saskatoon Transit Go app, your U-Pass will appear on your mobile phone in the in less than 3 minutes.
  6. If you don’t see the pass after that time, select the “My Passes” button in the app and press the refresh icon in the top right corner.
  7. You will then be able to activate your U-Pass on your phone after the start of the term (after 12:00am on September 1, 2022 for the Fall Term)