Why Run?

Members of the executive represent the voices of students on campus with university administration and the provincial government and many other key stakeholders.

You can also have a significant effect on campus, by leading campaigns or organizing events, and helping to create a better campus environment for your fellow students.

Running in the USSU election can be one of the most amazing experiences you will have. Not only are you campaigning to have your voice heard, but the support you receive from friends is overwhelming. It takes courage to stand out and want to improve what happens on campus.

Ask yourself what kinds of changes you want to see and what issues you’d like to resolve. What is your platform?

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There are expenses involved in running a campaign. Create a realistic budget, taking into account materials like posters, buttons, and social media campaigns, etc. The total campaign cost for an executive candidate in an election is calculated according to both actual costs, and the Fair Market Value Schedule of campaign materials, and neither value may exceed $500, excluding taxes.

A candidate will receive a $250 credit at XL Print & Design; the amount used will be assessed towards the campaign cost value of $500. Candidates are reimbursed 75 percent of all other campaign costs unless forfeiture of some or all of this amount is imposed by the Elections Committee.

Find Campaign Volunteers

You’ll need help creating your campaign and communicating your ideas to students. Ask your friends if they are willing to help with your campaign and assign tasks that need to be completed.


Think about your strengths, the words that best describe you, your advantages over the other candidates, and what makes your message stand out.

For more information email communications@ussu.ca