2023/24 Candidates


Ishita Mann

Xavier Waddell

Vice-President (Operations and Finance)

Krunal Chavda

Nishtha Mehta

Vice-President (Academic Affairs)

Elisabeth Bauman

Vice-President (Student Affairs)

Gurbaz Singh

University Senate

Abhineet Goswami

Abhineet Goswami is a passionate advocate for accessibility, affordability, and anti-oppression policies in the education sector. He is the current president of the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union (USSU) for the 2022-23 term. Abhineet is a proud immigrant person of colour with disabilities and is majoring in neuroscience and business.

Before serving as the USSU president, Abhineet was the president of the International Students Association and a member of the student council. He also held the position of vice president of Operations and Finance for the USSU. Abhineet is the first international student to be elected as the USSU president.

As a strong advocate for student rights, Abhineet is dedicated to promoting accessibility, affordability, and anti-oppression policies for all students. In addition, he is passionate about advocating for international student rights and ensuring that students’ needs are met at all levels of government.

Under Abhineet’s leadership, the USSU has built strong relationships with municipal, federal, and provincial governments to address students’ needs and support the province’s growth. His work has significantly enhanced student experiences at the University of Saskatchewan. His commitment to advocating for student rights and promoting equity in education reflects his character and values. When I’m not representing students, I enjoy painting and photography and visiting Louis’ as much as possible. You must try the Buffalo Chicken Poutine.

Sharon Jacob

Hi my name is Sharon Jacob, pronouns she/her. I am a 4th year Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Immunology student. I have previously served as part of the USSU as a student at large, a Member of the Student Council representing the College of Arts and Science and as Vice President Academic Affairs for the USSU. Academics have been a large part of my life and through my experience in university, I am aware of the barriers we, students, face in attaining a quality education. I am a strong advocate for an equitable and sustainable future for all, regardless of financial status or cultural background. I hope to pursue a career in the healthcare field advocating for underrepresented groups. You can always find me reading, swimming, and biking around campus in the fall season.

Punya Miglani

My name is Punya Miglani, and I am in my last year pursuing a degree in Psychology. I want to get a masters in my field and eventually work in the healthcare sector. Being an international student, I come from a diverse background of learning and understanding and wish to offer the same to people around me.

I am running for Senate this year as one of the candidates in the USSU elections. In my previous capacity, I served as the Vice President Student Affairs for the USSU from 2022-2023. With this position I have had the opportunity to experience university policies and administration up close and I believe that this experience would be vital for my candidacy. I would play a vital role in shaping university policies through this experience of mine for the benefit of our student body. Vote for Student Voices, Vote Punya for Senate!