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Call For Nominations

The General Manager or designate shall make the call for nominations and shall publicize it by all reasonable means, including posters, plasma screens, mass e-mail, and the Union website. The call for nominations shall be at least seven calendar days in an election or by-election.


After the call for nominations, the General Manager shall chair separate Orientation Meetings for nominees for the Executive and Members of Students’ Council, and may in their discretion hold subsequent Orientation Meetings during the nomination period.

A member must attend an Orientation Meeting to be eligible for ratification as a candidate for the Executive and for Council. All attendees will receive a Nomination Package.


After the end of the nomination period, the Chief Returning Officer shall chair the Procedures Meeting and shall ensure that nominees and Elections Committee members attending the meeting have received the necessary sections of this bylaw, rules, and information.

A nominee for an Executive or Council position must attend the Procedures Meeting to be eligible for ratification as a candidate.

If a nominee is unable to attend a scheduled Procedures Meeting and provides sufficient reason to the Election Committee in advance of the meeting, the Election Committee may hold an alternate Procedures Meeting in advance of the campaign period to ensure the nominee(s) has received the necessary sections of the Bylaw, rules, and information.