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Lucas Kobashi

Lucas Kobashi

Howdy folks! I’m Lucas Kobashi (he/him), the Student Crew and Safewalk coordinator for 2022/2023. I am in my senior year of a BSc. Computer Science Honours Software Engineering, with minors in Physics and Mathematics. Upon finishing my studies I will pursue a career in Full-stack software development. Outside of computers, I am very active on campus, being the former president of the Arts & Science Students Union (ASSU). I am very passionate about learning and connecting with people, and there is not an idle moment when it comes to me. Stop and say hi when I’m running around the hallways or studying at the library!


The USSU Student Crew offers a number of services around campus.  Our members provide security at on and off campus functions and possess a high level of knowledge, experience, and accountability.  We also offer services like hanging posters, providing overnight security, Late Night Studying, among other odd jobs.


Student Crew Coordinator: Lucas Kobashi
Phone: 306-966-8038
Fax: 306-966-6978
Email: student.crew@ussu.ca