USSU Centre Awards

The USSU Centre Awards recognize those among the University of Saskatchewan faculty, staff, students and alumni who have demonstrated leadership and courage in advancing the quality of life in support of those experiencing outstanding struggles.

2020-21 Winners

  • Anna Simonson: Pride Centre Doug Wilson Award
  • Kingslei Medina: Help Centre Award
  • Harleen Arora: Women’s Centre Award
  • Not presented this year : Food Centre Award & Safewalk Award

2019-20 Winners

  • Jack Bell: Pride Centre Doug Wilson Award
  • Sara Islam: Help Centre Award
  • Chelaine Kirsch: Women’s Centre Award
  • Rosie Dang: Food Centre Award
  • Ashley Bueckert: Safewalk Award

2018-19 Winners

  • Amanda Zimolag: Pride Centre Doug Wilson Award
  • Sanyam Sood: Help Centre Award
  • Chiamaka Okonkwo: Women’s Centre Award
  • Megan Kuznitsoff: Food Centre Award
  • Elizabeth Anderson: Safewalk Award

2017-18 Winners

  • Leigh Thomas: Pride Centre Doug Wilson Award
  • Kim Chung: Help Centre Award
  • Iza Belle Lucenio: Women’s Centre Award
  • Adaeze Ezeaka: Food Centre Award
  • Soong Lau: Safewalk Award

2016-17 Winners

  • Anastasia Sylvestre: Pride Centre Doug Wilson Award
  • Sandi Yao: Help Centre Award
  • Amy Gainer: Women’s Centre Award
  • Jillian Rogers: Food Centre Award
  • Sharon Osi: Safewalk Award

2015-16 Winners

  • Brooke Garner: Pride Centre Doug Wilson Award
  • Mackenzie Stewart: Help Centre Award
  • Meg Land: Women’s Centre Award
  • Lauren Kapphahn: Food Centre Award
  • Jose Carlos Verdiales: Safewalk Award

2014-15 Winners

  • Kenny Starling: Pride Centre Doug Wilson Award
  • Shiney Choudhary: Help Centre Award
  • Ashley Clouthier: Women’s Centre Award
  • Alexa McEwen: Food Centre Award
  • Benjamin Schwab: Safewalk Award

2013-14 Winners

  • Sarah Woloschuk: Pride Centre Doug Wilson Award
  • Jane Rolandi: Help Centre Award
  • Krista Bloski: Women’s Centre Award

2012-13 Winners

  • Erica McFadden: Pride Centre Doug Wilson Award
  • Christie Lynn McGregorn: Help Centre Award
  • Tara Kooy: Women’s Centre Award

2011-12 Winners

  • James Sambrook: Pride Centre Doug Wilson Award
  • Natalya Mason: Help Centre Award
  • Ricquelle Germain: Women’s Centre Award

2010-11 Winners

  • Avery Zieger: Pride Centre Doug Wilson Award
  • Ming Jing Peng: Help Centre Award; and,
  • Kelsey Kiefer: Women’s Centre Award.

2009-10 Winners

  • Garnet Woloschuk: Pride Centre Doug Wilson Award;
  • Kiel Luhning: Help Centre Award; and,
  • Margot Gough: Women’s Centre Award.

2008-09 Winners

  • Eric Twa: Pride Centre Doug Wilson Award;
  • Jacqueline Hounjet: Help Centre Award; and,
  • Nadya Karas: Women’s Centre Award.

2007-08 Winners

  • Nicole White: Pride Centre Doug Wilson Award;
  • Jessie Buydens: Help Centre Award; and,
  • Katie Scoular: Women’s Centre Award.

2006-07 Winners

  • Edna Jen Warrington (Doug Wilson Award)
  • Kelly Pawlyshyn (Help Centre Award)
  • Marie Lovrod (Women’s Centre Award)

2005-06 Winners

  • Nicholas Fraser (Doug Wilson Award)
  • Genevieve Prevost (Help Centre Award)
  • Gina McKay (Women’s Centre Award)

2004-05 Winners

  • Gerald Schilroth, Kimberly Dublanica (Doug Wilson Award)
  • Megan Buydens (Help Centre Award)
  • Rachel Clare (Women’s Centre Award)

2003-04 Winners

  • Dr. Carole Pond, Ryan Whyley (Doug Wilson Award)
  • Dave Biblow (Help Centre Award)
  • Liz Quinlan (Women’s Centre Award)

2001-02 Winners

  • Megan Mormon (Doug Wilson Award
  • Amanda Roth (Help Centre Award)
  • Candace Northey (Women’s Centre Award)