Vera Pezer Award for Student Enhancement

Our volunteers make much of what we do possible and without them, our experience would be diminished. Their commitment to the betterment of student lives and to the University community is defined through their enthusiasm, character, and initiatives. These student leaders give freely of their time and energy to ensure that the many nonacademic facets of our collective experience are enhanced.

2022-23 Winners

  • Levi E.W. Perrault: Member of Student Council
  • Emily Hubick: USSU Centres
  • Kanika Gupta: Volunteerism
  • UNICEF USask: Campus Group of the Year

2021-22 Winners

  • Dominique Lummerding: Member of Student Council
  • Sara Honar: USSU Centres
  • Ishita Mann: Volunteerism
  • International Students Association & Al Amal: Campus Group of the Year

2020-21 Winners

  • Elisabeth Bauman: Member of Student Council
  • Brenna Scarfe: USSU Centres
  • Samia Sami: Volunteerism
  • PennyDrops at USaskatchewan: Campus Group of the Year

2019-20 Winners

  • Kate Illing: Member of Student Council
  • Madi Kuhn: USSU Centres
  • Sarah Foley: Volunteerism
  • Indigenous Business Students’ Society: Campus Group of the Year

2018-2019 Winners

  • Michael Aman: Member of Student Council
  • Hannah Feairs: USSU Centres
  • Akinwande Akingbehin: Volunteerism
  • Young Women in Business: Campus Group of the Year

2017-2018 Winners

  • Darcy Dumont: Member of Student Council
  • Leah Tank: USSU Centres
  • Kirsten Samson: Volunteerism
  • University of Saskatchewan Filipino Students’ Association: Campus Group of the Year

2016-2017 Winners

  • Preston Thomson: Member of Student Council
  • Robyn Akre: USSU Centres
  • Rashid Ahmed: Volunteerism
  • Enactus: Campus Group of the Year

2015-2016 Winners

  • Tenielle Koob: Member of Student Council
  • Ailish Evans: USSU Centres
  • Connor Moen: Volunteerism
  • Ore Gangue: Campus Group of the Year

2014-2015 Winners

  • Jamie Labrecque: Member of Student Council
  • Christie McGregor: USSU Centres
  • Shannon McAvoy: Volunteerism
  • What’s Your Cap?: Campus Group of the Year

2013-2014 Winners

  • Jon Herriot: Member of Student Council
  • Dylan Lambi-Raine: USSU Centres
  • Alicia Thatcher: Volunteerism
  • Religion and Culture Students’ Society: Campus Group of the Year

2012-2013 Winners

  • Galen Richardson (Member of Student Council)
  • Taletha Bennett (USSU Centres)
  • Victoria Cowan (Volunteerism)
  • Kinesiology Students’ Society (Campus Group of the Year )

2011-2012 Winners

  • David Konkin (Member of Student Council)
  • Briana Mackow (USSU Centres)
  • Alex Gao (Volunteerism)
  • Drama Club (Campus Group of the Year )

2010-2011 Winners

  • Leejay Schmidt (Member of Student Council)
  • Taegan McFarlane (USSU Centres)
  • Veronica Carr (Volunteerism)
  • Saskatchewan Pharmacy & Nutrition Students’ Society (Campus Group of the Year)

2009-2010 Winners

  • Amanda Kleisinger (Member of Student Council)
  • Vicki Herman (USSU Centres)
  • Amber Burton (Volunteerism)
  • Student Medical Society of Saskatchewan (Campus Group of the Year)

2008-2009 Winners

  • Warren Kirkland (Member of Student Council)
  • Liz Senecalv (USSU Centres)
  • Alexandria Werenka (Volunteerism)
  • SUNTEP SRC (Campus Group of the Year)

2007-2008 Winners

  • Tamra Knaus (Member of Student Council)
  • Erin Ewing (USSU Centres)
  • Derek Chesney (Volunteerism)
  • University of Saskatchewan Biology Club (Campus Group)

2006-0207 Winners

  • James Mantyka (Member of Student Council)
  • Vicki Herman (USSU Centres)
  • Jeremy Ring (Volunteerism)
  • Board of College Presidents (Campus Group)

2005-2006 Winners

  • Tracey Mitchell (Member of Student Council),
  • Joanne Horsley and William Bewer (USSU Centres)
  • Lauren McDonald (Volunteerism)
  • Campus Sustainability Network (Campus Group)

2004-2005 Winners

  • Beverly Wudel (Member of Student Council)
  • Adam Day (USSU Centres)
  • Crystal Clarke (Volunteerism)
  • Students Opposed to Liberal Arts Decline (Campus Group)

2003-2004 Winners

  • Jason Villeneuve (Member of Student Council)
  • Melissa Cotton (USSU Centres)
  • Brennan Brooks (Volunteerism)

2002-2003 Winners

  • Tammy Goertzen (Member of Student Council)
  • Vishal Avinashi (USSU Centres)
  • Bindera Shakya (Volunteerism)

2001-2002 Winners

  • Maureen Torrie (Member of Student Council)
  • Genevieve Prevost (USSU Centres)
  • Shannon Persicke (Volunteerism)

2000-2001 Winners

  • Shannon Whyley (Member of Student Council)
  • Farrah Mateen (Volunteerism)
  • Kerry Klein (Campus Groups)
  • Jason Williams (College Societies)

1999-2000 Winners

  • Simon Otto (Member of Student Council)
  • Heather Ross (Campus Groups)
  • Stephen Avivi (Volunteerism)

1998-1999 Winners

  • Jason Howorko (Board of College Presidents)
  • Mark Hull (Member of Students’ Council)
  • Curtis Stevens (USSU Centres)
  • Scott Henderson (Student at Large)