The Women’s Centre is open to all genders and provides a space to meet new people, discuss and organize. The Centre hosts educational workshops and promotes issues relevant to the campus community. In addition to our regular programming, we offer free condoms, menstrual products, lube, gloves, dental dams and a wide variety of on and off-campus information.

USSU Centre Discord

The USSU Centres have created a Discord server in place of the regular centre space and programming. It is accessible by all current USask undergraduate students.

The Discord server includes the Help Centre, Pride Centre, Women’s Centre, and a general lobby for undergraduate students to connect. The space is a safe environment where students can interact with one another, participate in events, and seek USSU representatives’ support.

Join the USSU Centres Discord Server 

If you have any questions about using Discord, email

Community Outreach Program

The USSU Women’s Centre is pleased to offer this new program in partnership with a variety of local community organizations. The Community Outreach Program allows USSU Women’s Centre volunteers to become involved in different programs that are available at these local organizations as a way of learning more about social issues that go beyond the campus community.

Discussion Groups

Centre volunteers operate informal discussion groups open to anyone who wishes to attend. There are three groups that operate regularly: a parenting discussion group, a reproductive choices discussion group and a body image discussion group. Occasionally other groups are run depending on the interest of the volunteers.


The Women’s Centre hosts/participates in four major events throughout the year: Sexual Assault Awareness Week, Take Back the Night, The National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women, I Need Feminism and International Women’s Day. Depending on volunteer interests, other events can be held and other days recognized. Some of these events are planned in collaboration with other USSU Centres and women’s groups.

Information and Resources

The Centre has an active partnership with a number of women-centered groups both on and off campus. We provide information about services offered by these other community groups as well as partner with them for a number of events that are focused on women’s interests and issues. The Women’s Centre is a sex-positive space, we provide free condoms, lube, gloves, dental dams, and sex information. We also provide free menstrual products.


We provide students with a library of over 1000 books. Our literature is centered on issues of immediate concern to women. The library is continually being expanded.

Parent Emergency Contact Program

This program has received national recognition and is one of the integral services offered by the Women’s Centre. PECP allows the childcare provider to contact parents while on campus or in class.

Peer Support

Women’s Centre volunteers are trained in women’s issues, including pregnancy and crisis intervention, and offer informed confidential support. When necessary, students may be referred to an appropriate organization, counselor, doctor or other professional.


The Centre provides an up to date list of physicians, lawyers, and daycares in the city.