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The Campaign Period offers you an opportunity to let students know your platform, your ideas to improve student life, as well as why you feel you would be an effective representative for your constituents.

All candidates must follow the Bylaw and Election policy when campaigning. The Chief Returning Officer addresses complaints against candidates on a case-by-case basis and will implement the appropriate sanctions (including disqualification if necessary).

The USSU Bylaw and the Election Policies describe the rules for the election, from the nomination period to the appeal process.

USSU Bylaw
Election Policy

During the Campaign Period, the USSU offers a number of resources for you to get the word out about your campaign.


During campaign week(s) candidates are permitted to display campaign materials including banners, posters, and other printed media. The rules and regulations on where and how you can post this material are very strict and are outlined during the Procedures Meeting for all candidates

The rules are also available in the election policy.

Questions or concerns in regards to campaigning should be brought to the Assistant Chief Returning Officer at