The Executive Committee communicates the wishes of USC to the entire organization through projects, policies and awareness initiatives. Through the General Manager and administration team, the Executive Committee helps the USSU maintain a wealth of relevant services that enhance the student experience. Below are the Executive members and a brief explanation of their position profiles. Please feel free to contact them directly.

Tasnim Jaisee
Tasnim Jaisee
President Responsibilities
  • Oversee all affairs of the Union;
  • Chief spokesperson for the Union;
  • Chair the Executive Committee and Council;
  • Coordinate the Executive;
  • Become familiar with the operations of the offices of the University’s senior administration and report on student-related activities;
  • Serve as a member of the Board of Governors of the University;
  • Liaise with other student associations, unions, and organizations in Canada;
  • Participate in individual student loan appeals;
  • Ensure that all governance policy documents are up to date and relevant.
  • Responsible for federal, provincial, and municipal government relations;
  • Participate in government committees regarding student issues.


Abhineet Goswami
Abhineet Goswami
VP Operations and Finance
VP Operations & Finance Responsibilities
  • Liaise with the operations and services of the Union;
  • Ensure that the annual Union budget is prepared;
  • Responsible for all issues regarding campus groups;
  • In conjunction with the General Manager, be responsible for overseeing the annual audit;
  • Ensure that all operational policy documents are up to date and relevant;
  • Responsible for transit and transportation affecting the Union.



Tauqeer Iftikhar
Tauqeer Iftikhar
VP Academic Affairs
VP Academic Responsibilities
  • Represent undergraduates on University Council;
  • Assist students with academic issues including grievances and appeals;
  • Coordinate with the Academic Grievance Assistant;
  • Chair the USC Academic Relations Committee.
  • Teaching, Learning and Academic Resources Committee
  • Research, Scholarly, Artistic Work Committee
  • Academic Programs Committee
  • Scholarship and Awards Committee
  • Advising Council
  • Education Systems Steering Committee
  • Classroom Renewal Program Steering Committee
  • Student Forum
  • Copyright Advisory Committee
  • Academic Space and Scheduling Committee
  • Library Transformation Committee


Nickol Saenz
Nickol Saenz
VP Student Affairs
VP Student Affairs Responsibilities
  • On and off-campus housing;
  • Sustainability;
  • Security, safety, health, and sexual violence;
  • Equity;
  • Disabilities;
  • Internationalization on campus;
  • Liaise with University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union Centres;
  • On and off-campus parking.