Academic Misconduct

Note: On January 1, 2017, new Academic Misconduct Regulations come into effect. Information on the changes in the regulations will be provided over the coming months. The information below applies to the current version of the regulations.

Academic Misconduct is what the university calls cheating. The Regulations on Student Academic Misconduct  of the University of Saskatchewan Council provides the list of academically dishonest behaviour.

According to these regulations, when an instructor or invigilator believes that a student has cheated, there are two procedures that can be followed: informal and formal. These procedures are outlined in greater detail on the website of the University Secretary

It should be noted that if formal procedures are followed, the matter will be dealt with by a college hearing. In the case of academic misconduct, the decision of the college hearing may only be appealed to the university appeal board on procedural grounds, as outlined by the Regulations on Academic Misconduct.