What is a co-curricular record and what are the benefits of having one?

A co-curricular record (CCR) is an official university transcript that documents approved extracurricular activities and learning experiences that take place out of the classroom.

Each activity on a CCR is linked to learning outcomes outlined in the University Learning Charter to highlight your experienced-based knowledge and skills.

Having a CCR is a useful addition to your resume and cover letter for when you apply for jobs, graduate studies programs, different colleges, or other universities.

For more general information about CCR, please visit the University of Saskatchewan’s website here

To access your CCR, please click here


Currently, the USSU has select positions and opportunities that can be added to your CCR. Previous USSU volunteer experience cannot be retroactively added. The positions currently eligible for CCR include:

Student Governance:

Upon being elected or appointed to one of these positions, it will be added to your CCR.

Student Life:

Important information for USSU centre volunteers

Centre volunteers are required to volunteer a minimum of 10 hours per semester at a given centre. You can get more than one centre put onto your CCR but the 10 hour minimum requirement applies to each centre.

Volunteers are required to submit their CCR requests online as well as record their volunteer hours in the tracking log available at each centre. Volunteers must have their CCR requests and hours logged in by December 1st of semester one and April 1st of semester two.

Centre volunteers: how to submit your CCR request

  1. Click here to log-in with your NSID
  2. In the left-hand corner, click “Opportunity Directory”
  3. Type “USSU” into the “Description for Transcript” box and press “Search”
  4. Click on the activity you’re wanting added to your CCR
  5. Click on the semester of your request
  6. Click “add to my CCR”
  7. CCR requests will be sent to the appropriate centre coordinator for approval

If you have any questions relating to the USSU’s administering of CCR, please email vpacademic@ussu.ca

Other On-Campus Groups 

For activities to be recognized on the Co-Curricular Record, it must:

  • have a clear connection to the university with a recognized faculty or staff member to validate participation;
  • have validation requirements (for example: criteria students must complete in order to have their position validated);
  • be grounded in the intentional learning outcomes of the U of S Learning Charter Core Learning Goals: discovery, knowledge, integrity, skills, and citizenship;
  • provide an opportunity for students to be actively engaged (positions or activities in which a student holds a title, but has no duties, will not qualify for validation)

All activities on the CCR will be organized in the following five categories:


Formalized university sanctioned Huskie athletic team positions.

Community Service – Learning

Activities organized and facilitated by the university or a student organization.  These activities are outside of academic coursework and are not recognized on the academic transcript.
Example: service opportunities organized as part of a college club, not service learning as part of a course.

Professional Development

Activities that foster professional growth in students that are not organized as part of course requirements.
Example: CPR training sponsored by a student society, but not CPR training undertaken as a private individual.

Student Government

Student leadership opportunities such as University of Saskatchewan Student Union (non-executive positions) or the Graduate Student Association Executive.

Student Life

Activities that foster student engagement in the campus community such as clubs and events.  These events are organized and facilitated by the university or student organizations.
Examples: USSU volunteer opportunities, KinLife, Peer Mentor opportunities, and programs such as Building Bridges.

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