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What is a co-curricular record and what are the benefits of having one?

A co-curricular record (CCR) is an official university transcript that documents approved extracurricular activities and learning experiences that take place out of the classroom.

Each activity on a CCR is linked to learning outcomes outlined in the University Learning Charter to highlight your experienced-based knowledge and skills.

Having a CCR is a useful addition to your resume and cover letter for when you apply for jobs, graduate studies programs, different colleges, or other universities.

For more general information about CCR, please visit the University of Saskatchewan’s website here.


Currently, the USSU has select positions and opportunities that can be added to your CCR. Positions available for CCR recognition require a minimum commitment of 10 hours a semester and previous USSU experience cannot be retroactively added. The positions currently eligible for CCR include:

Student Governance:

Student Life:

Make sure to look for the USSU “CCR Approved” stamp on advertisements for upcoming events and opportunities. Events and opportunities that are CCR approved will be posted in a directory in the upcoming future.

If you have any questions relating to the USSU’s administering of CCR, please email