USSU Symposium Winners 2021

Award Value Winner Project
Sciences & Engineering Placement Awards
First Place $750 Zoey Bourgeois Investigating the clearance of chemical mixtures in isolated perfused livers of rainbow trout
Second Place (Tie) $500 Katie Klymyshyn Dolomitization Model of the Belcher Group, Nunavut: Addressing the “Precambrian Dolomite Problem”
Second Place (Tie) $500 Amira Muftah Exploring Communication Between Consultants and Referring Physicians – A Qualitative Study
Sciences, Humanities & Fine Arts Placement Awards
First Place $750 Isabelle MacLean The Effect of Linguistic Relativity on Intertemporal Decision-Making: The Implementation of Climate Change Legislation
Second Place $500 Kamila Wyszomirski Understanding Family Decision Making with Children in Competitive Sport – The Parents Perspective
Third Place $250 Abhineet Goswami Lens: Seeing the Unseen
Other Awards
Mayor’s & the University President’s Award in City-Building Award $500 Nikaela Lange Open-Source Intelligence in Pandemic Preparedness and Response and the Implications for Global Governance
Signature Research Area Award $400 Vaidehee Lanke Applying Deep Learning to Predicting Phenotypes from Genomic Data