University Students’ Council Committees

The USSU is governed by University Students’ Council; to aid Students’ Council, there are a number of committees that review issues in-depth and provide recommendations for action to the Executive. For more information regarding USSU committees, you can read the USSU Bylaw.

U of S students create an energetic community where diverse personalities and interests thrive—inside and outside the classroom. Becoming a Student At Large (SAL) on a USSU committee is a great way to get involved with your students’ union and contribute to making our campus a better place.

Academic Relations Committee

Determines all the USSU’s academic policies and monitors and analyse academic concerns at the University.

Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee will advocate for the student body on academic and non-academic issues. This committee will work to identify concerns that affect students and develop strategies for addressing them.

Campus Group Committee

Liaise with campus groups regarding all issues and communications arising from or to student groups, including funding, ratification, insurance, and event coordination.

Code of Ethics and Disciplinary Committee

Ensures student representatives maintain professional standards.

Elections Committee

The Elections Committee oversees the USSU elections and referendums.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee will be responsible for managing USC’s finances. This committee will review and oversee the USC’s budget, ensuring that funds are allocated appropriately.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee will oversee the overall functioning of USC. This committee will review USC’s bylaw, policies, and procedures where appropriate to ensure they are up-to-date and effective.

Indigenous Student Advisory Committee

The Indigenous Student Advisory Committee shall seek to strengthen and uphold the relationship between the Union and the Indigenous Students’ Union and Indigenous Students.

International Student Advisory Committee

The International Student Advisory Committee shall seek to strengthen and uphold the relationship between the Union and International Student Bodies and International Students.

Student Life and Sustainability Committee

The Student Life Committee will organize events and activities for students. This committee will work to identify areas where students would like to see more programming and develop events that meet those needs.

Student and City of Saskatoon Connection Committee

Liaison between the students and the City of Saskatoon regarding student concerns with the City of Saskatoon and represent students on different projects and initiatives brought forward by the City of Saskatoon.