If you are part of a campus group, want to get involved with a group, or wanting to start a new group, then this is the place for you.


  • A College Society is the term used to describe the highest student government within a college or school.
  • A Campus Club is the term used to describe a group of students that have gathered together in support of a common goal.
  • A Campus Group is used when referring to either Campus Clubs or College Societies.

Interested in Joining a Campus Group?

Campus Groups are a great way to improve your University experience and meet new friends with similar interests. There are a wide variety of groups available, including sports, political parties, and charities. At the peak of last year there were over 120 groups registered to the USSU so there’s something for everyone.

Interested in Starting a Campus Group?

Can’t find something you’re interested in? Then why not start a club of your own? Information on how to ratify and manage a group can be found on the Start a Campus Group page.