General Inquiries

Your questions are important to us, and we encourage you to contact us by email at or by telephone at 306-966-6962 during our regular office hours.

USSU Main Office

Reception 306-966-6960

Senior Management

Amanda Mitchell Accounting Controller 306-966-6971
Jason Kovitch Business & Services Manager 306-966-6990
Jason Ventnor Communications & Marketing Manager 306-966-6973
Stefanie Ewen Facilities Manager 306-966-2240


Dallas Burnett Academic & Governance Assistant 306-966-6989
Adam Nobel-Lang Accounting Assistant 306-966-6594
Scott Henderson IT Services Manager 306-966-6986
Desiree Moody Services Administrator 306-966-6962

Centre Coordinators

Rayna Rahman Help Centre 306-966-6982
Rene Clarke Pride Centre 306-966-6615
Madi Kuhn Women’s Centre 306-966-6980
Lucas Kobashi Student Crew/Safewalk 306-966-8038

Louis’ & Louis’ Loft

Daniel Smolinski Food & Beverage Manager 306-966-7002
Matt Fehr Assistant Manager – Louis’ Loft 306-966-6903
Morgan Billard Assistant Manager – Louis’ 306-966-7001

XL Print & Design

Luke Warman XL Print & Design Manager 306-966-6976