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Student Groups and Societies

Student groups and societies are an integral part of any university experience, and they are considered especially important at the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union.

Joining or starting a group is extremely easy and is a great way to meet people, make a difference, obtain professional development, and start to work on your future. There are usually between 130 and 150 campus clubs and societies at the U of S in any given year, so there’s something for everyone!

By our definitions, Campus Clubs are usually small groups based on interests, while College Societies are specific to each department, and are representative organizations for the students to express and advocate on issues specific to their department. The distinction between these two is something you might want to remember if you are planning on starting your own group since we will ask you when you ratify. Ratification is the official endorsement of the USSU and needs to be renewed every year.

The following links will show you everything you need to know about groups on campus!

Find a Group

Here is a list of student groups that have ratified for the 2017/18 academic year.

Start a Group

If you would like to start a group, there are a couple steps you must follow.

  1. Create a constitution.
  2. Obtain a bank account in the legal name of the club or society (RBC on College is typically used). The ratification process requires proof of this account, although even a photo of a bank statement is sufficient.
  3. Have at least fifteen members, of which 75% must be undergraduate students. Collect their names, NSID’s, and Student numbers, so they can be verified.
  4. Create a tentative schedule of meetings and events, and include whether they will include alcohol or not.
  5. Include the articles of incorporation (applicable only if the society is a registered non-profit)
  6. Apply to the office of the VP Operations and Finance for ratification.
  7. If your application is in order, you will be prompted to pay the ratification fee.
  8. Done!

USSU Funding

Once you have become an executive member of a student group, you may be interested in applying for funding. The USSU offers to fund all ratified student groups for events, printing posters, catering, and more. All student groups may apply for up to $1000 dollars worth of funding, in the form of credit for USSU businesses, Pepsi products, or in cash reimbursement.

Any request for funding which exceeds $500 will require a brief presentation to the Budget and Finance Committee.

*The USSU does not fund travel expenses, graduation or year-end banquets, or allow funding to be used directly for charitable donations.

The application process is easy, apply online!

USSU Insurance

Insurance is necessary in the following three cases:

  • Events where alcohol is being served.
  • Events that have not been pre-approved by the USSU during ratification for general liability insurance.
  • Any other event that carries significant risk, such as sporting competitions.

All insurance applications must be submitted to the USSU no less than two (2) weeks prior to the event. The application process is simple, apply!

Booking USSU venues for an Event

The USSU has multiple venues available for student group events. This includes Louis’, Louis’ Loft, the campus club space, and the North Concourse, in Place Riel.

Email Louis’ and the Loft
Email Campus Club Space
Email North Concourse

Advertising your Group or Event

There are lots of ways to advertise your club to recruit members or promote your events on campus.

If the materials you would like to make are hardcopy, the team at XL Print & Design will take you through every step from graphic design to hot off the press, final product. Email

If the material you have created is best shared digitally, we can advertise on any of the USSU plasma screens and on the USSU website. Any submission can be in a variety of digital formats – usually a .jpg or .pdf. The graphic display size for the plasma unit is 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels high. Email

If you want to do in-person advertising for ticket sales or community outreach, you can go to the USSU Information Centre and book a table in the Arts Tunnel. Email

Help Keep Our Hallways Clean

Posters and ads are restricted to bulletin boards and must be stamped by the college general office. Anything posted on walls or other surfaces will be removed and recycled. For more information contact Facilities Management Division at 306-966-4496.

Mailbox, Website, and Emails

The USSU recognizes the importance of the communication links between a Campus Group and its membership. To facilitate that interaction, Campus Groups are provided with the means to go on-line through Information and Technology Services (ITS). If a group is ratified by the USSU they can have an email account and space on the homepage server. This account must be renewed yearly.

The USSU highly recommends creating a consistent email address for the Campus Group. This allows consistency between years and only requires that you update the contact info and renew it yearly.

To create an email account and website, email the ICT Service Desk at

For receiving letter mail, you have a choice between finding your own address and using the USSU’s provided mailboxes. The USSU’s mailboxes are located in the USSU reception, and mail can be picked up at any time during office hours.

What address do we use for these mailboxes?

{Club Name}
#110 – 1 Campus Drive
Saskatoon, SK
S7N 5A3

Room Bookings

All USSU Ratified Campus Groups may book academic space on campus for free for the purposes of holding events, meetings, or fundraisers.

To book University space you must contact the Room Scheduling Office. They can be contacted through email, phone 306-966-4919 or online.

Room Scheduling and Risk Management require that anyone who books rooms have some sort of insurance. The basic liability insurance obtained through ratification matches this requirement and thus must occur before booking rooms on campus.


For more information or questions regarding campus groups, please contact  VP Operations & Finance at or 306-966-6967.