Student Groups and Societies

Student groups and societies are an integral part of any university experience, and they are considered especially important at the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union.

By our definitions, Campus Clubs are usually small groups based on interests, while College Societies are specific to each College, and are representative organizations for the students to express and advocate on issues specific to their department. The distinction between these two is something you might want to remember if you are planning on starting your own group since we will ask you when you ratify. Ratification is the official endorsement of the USSU and needs to be renewed every year.

Mailbox and Emails

The USSU recognizes the importance of the communication links between a Campus Group and its membership. If a group is ratified by the USSU they can have an email account. This account must be renewed yearly as part of the ratification process.

For receiving letter mail, you have a choice between finding your own address and using the USSU’s provided mailboxes. The USSU’s mailboxes are located in the USSU reception, and mail can be picked up at any time during office hours.

What address do we use for these mailboxes?

{Club Name}
#110 – 1 Campus Drive
Saskatoon, SK
S7N 5A3


Insurance: &

North Concourse
Furniture Rental:
Sandwich Boards:

Campus Club Room
Phone #: 1-306-966-6991

Booking and Catering:
Phone #: 1-306-966-7002

Louis’ Loft
Booking and Catering

Room Scheduling