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What is ratification?

Ratification is the process by which Campus Groups are officially recognized by the USSU and entitled to all the benefits offered to them by the USSU. This process is outlined on “How to Ratify” webpage. These benefits are available to campus groups from the date that they are ratified until May 1st of every year (with the exception of 10-Room Bookings which last until May 15th of each year).

The following benefits are available to ratified campus groups, and are outlined below:

1. Advertising

There are several USSU plasma screens around campus to help promote your group. These plasmas are available for use to advertise group events or for recruiting purposes. The USSU now has a Student Group Events page at to help groups promote their events. For more information, contact the USSU Communications and Marketing Manager at

Putting up posters is another great way to advertise your events or recruit members. To put up posters in the Arts Tunnel or the Memorial Union Building, go to the Information Centre in Upper Place Riel to get them approved and stamped. See the Poster Policy for more information. To put up posters across other bulletin boards on campus contact the individual College Societies for each building (ex. Contact ASSU to get posters stamped for the Arts building).

2. Club Space

The USSU operates a large Campus Club Space in Place Riel. This space is available on a come-and-go basis for meetings and workspace. It is located on the second floor of Place Riel and can be accessed using the stairs next to the Alumni wall in the North Concourse. The room offers several chairs, a large meeting room table, and a dedicated phone. It is open during USSU office hours and is also available for extended hours on request.

Can we book the Campus Club Space for a private event or meeting?

The Campus Club Space can be reserved for Campus Groups just like other USSU spaces available for rent.

There are several banks of lockable filing cabinets found in the Campus Club Space. These are available for Campus Groups to store their valuables or important documents so that anyone in the Group may access them. You may reserve a drawer for up to one year by coming to the USSU Reception and obtaining a key. You will have to put down a deposit that will be returned when you return the key.

To reserve the Campus Club Space email or call 306-966-6962.

3. Funding

All USSU Ratified Campus Groups are eligible to apply for Campus Group Funding. There are also several other sources of funding available on campus and in the community to help with your events.

Visit How to Receive Funding for more information.

4. Insurance

All USSU Ratified Campus Groups are granted general liability insurance coverage under the USSU insurance policy. However, additional insurance is often required in certain cases especially when serving alcohol.

Visit How to Receive Insurance for more information.

5. Louis’ and Louis’ Loft

Louis’ is located in the basement of the Memorial Union Building (MUB) and Louis’ Loft is the newly renovated space in the second floor of the Memorial Union Building. Both spaces are available for holding events, fundraisers, or catering.

How do we book events at Louis’?

To book a special event at Louis’ email to learn more about what they can do for you and your group.

6. Mailboxes

For receiving letter mail, you have a choice between finding your own address and using the USSU’s provided mailboxes. The USSU’s mailboxes are located in the USSU reception, and mail can be picked up at any time during office hours.

What address do we use for these mailboxes?

{Club Name}
#110 – 1 Campus Drive
Saskatoon, SK
S7N 5A3

7. Mailing Lists

The USSU operates two mailings lists that you may be added to when ratifying a Campus Groups. The first is used for distributing information relevant to running a group. The second is only for College Societies and allows online discussion between members of the Association of College Presidents.
Hopefully these group email addresses will foster collaboration between the Clubs and College Societies as well as allow new information about the USSU to be efficiently distributed.

8. Non-Profit Incorporation

The USSU encourages all Campus Groups to consider applying for and maintaining Non-Profit Corporation status.  This would allow the club to become a legal entity.  Such status has implications with regard to the amount of liability incurred in the case of a lawsuit and, among other things, would allow the group to enter into contracts on behalf of the group.

The USSU is available to answer questions about Non-Profit Incorporation as well as to assist with the process. However, Incorporation must be done through the Saskatchewan Information Services Corporation.

9. Recruitment

One of the biggest challenges with running a club is trying to identify those students who would be interested in joining. One of the biggest pros of Campus Groups ratification is simply letting the USSU know that your group exists. We often receive emails about joining clubs of a particular interest. All group information for ratified groups is also published on the USSU website, along with contact emails, websites, and Facebook/Twitter links if available. This is a great way for students to identify your group during the year.

  • Welcome Week (after Orientation) – a limited number of tables are available in the bowl to promote your group to new students
  • Campus Club Week (September) – tables in the tunnel are available exclusively for Campus Groups
  • Campus Club Week (January) – a great way to recruit for Term 2

Since Welcome Week and the first Campus Club Week happen in September, it is extremely important to ratify during the summer to ensure you can participate in both events.

10. Room Bookings

All USSU Ratified Campus Groups may book academic space on campus for free for the purposes of holding events, meetings, or fundraisers. Please note that because it is the University’s space, the Room Scheduling Office makes decisions about the types of events that can be held, as well as the scope of rooms available for booking. Updated information about these policies can be found on the Facilities Management Division website. Currently they require that Groups be ratified by the USSU before room booking can occur.

How can we book rooms on campus?

To book University space you must contact the Room Scheduling Office. They can be contacted through email or phone 966-4919. There is also an online form available at The farther ahead you book rooms the more likely you are to get the desired rooms. If not, make sure to have several backup options available. At the very minimum, make sure to book at least one week of when you need the room.

Why do we need to be ratified before booking rooms?

Room Bookings and Risk Management requires that anyone who books rooms have some sort of insurance. The basic liability insurance obtained through ratification matches this requirement and thus must occur before booking rooms. If your Group is not yet ratified then make sure to allow extra time before the date that you need the room to be booked.

11. Space Rental

The USSU provides facilities to ratified Campus Groups at a discount or at no cost. The following spaces are available for booking:

  • Campus Club Space – this space is located on the second floor of Place Riel and is perfect for group meetings or workspace
  • North Concourse – the area located on the main floor of Place Riel near the North exit is available for running public events provided these events are non-obtrusive.

For the latest prices and regulations, see the Space Rental Policy. To book these spaces or to learn about availability please contact the USSU reception.

12. Table Bookings

The tables in the tunnel between Place Riel and the Arts building are operated by the USSU and available for booking by Campus Groups, University departments, and even private businesses. There is a considerable amount of traffic that goes by these tables daily which makes for an excellent advertising or recruiting opportunity.

How do I book a table in the tunnel?

Email and mention that you are a ratified group. Note that tables are subject to availability and the earlier you apply the more likely a spot will be found.

13. Websites and Emails

The USSU recognizes the importance of the communication links between a Campus Group and its membership. To facilitate that interaction, Campus Groups are provided with the means to go on-line through Information and Technology Services (ITS). If a group is ratified by the USSU they can have an email account and space on the homepage server. This account must be renewed yearly.

The USSU highly recommends creating a consistent email address for the Campus Group. This allows consistency between years and only requires that you update the contact info and renew it yearly.

To create an account or on the website, email the ITS Help Desk:

14. XL Print & Design

The USSU’s print shop is located on the main floor of the Memorial Union Building (MUB). It offers printing of posters, banners and almost anything your group could need. Consider using it to promote your next event. As well, ratified groups are offered a lower price than everyone else and USSU credit may be used.