Advertising your Group or Event

There are lots of ways to advertise your club to recruit members or promote your events on campus. The team at XL Print & Design will take you through every step from graphic design to hot off the press, final product. Email


Plasma TV and Website Advertising

As a ratified group you can advertise on any of the USSU plasma screens and on the USSU website. Any submission can be in a variety of digital formats – usually a .jpg or .pdf. The graphic display size for the plasma unit is 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels high, for more information Email

Tables & Posters

The Information Centre is a great place for several USSU services, as well as campus groups’ services. The Information Centre oversees the Arts tunnel poster boards and table rentals.

Tunnel Bookings

Ratified Groups have access to tables in the Arts Tunnel for free, this is a great way to showcase your group and do outreach to the greater campus population.

If you book a table please check in with the Information Centre on the day of the booking.


  • Your group is assigned a specific table; it will have a number on the wall behind the table. Please only use the table assigned to you.
  • On campus groups are not permitted to book table space for the promotion of a third party, if this rule is broken the campus group will be charged the fee allocated to off-campus organizations or non-ratified groups.
  • Any food or beverage being sold or given away must be approved by the USSU.
  • Groups and individuals may not aggressively solicit or approach students.
  • Offensive materials, loud music or harassment will not be tolerated. Groups must respect divergent points of view.
  • Music must be kept to a minimal volume.
  • Posters and banners must be approved by the USSU at the Information Centre.


Arts Tunnel Poster Boards

The USSU operates the poster boards in the Arts Tunnel. The Information Centre must approve posters before they can be posted on the boards in the Arts tunnel. Approved posters will receive a USSU stamp; any posters in the tunnel that do not have the stamp will be removed. The Information Centre is located in Place Riel.

Sandwich Boards

You may rent up to 10 sandwich boards at a time. To rent sandwich boards please contact The Information Centre will arrange a pickup time for the boards at the USSU office.

Help Keep Our Hallways Clean

Posters and ads are restricted to bulletin boards and must be stamped by the college general office. Anything posted on walls or other surfaces will be removed and recycled. For more information contact Facilities Management Division at 306-966-4496.