Do you have a Professor or Teaching Assistant that inspires you? Is your instructor passionate about teaching? Do they go that extra mile to ensure you succeed?

The USSU Teaching Excellence Awards program recognizes professors who demonstrate teaching excellence at the University of Saskatchewan. An excellent teacher not only gives us access to knowledge but also gives us the tools with which to turn that knowledge into wisdom. Students evaluate teachers and their environment in a number of ways; three important areas include enthusiasm, organization, and fairness of evaluation. The culmination of these aspects leads to an environment where students feel free to explore, critique, grow, and become leaders.

Nominate them for a Teaching Excellence Award!

Awards are presented at a ceremony in March. If you have any questions about the program, please contact our Vice-President (Academic Affairs) at 306-966-6968, or by e-mail at

2018-19 Winners

  • Jon Bath (Department of Art and Art History, College of Arts and Science)
  • Alison Norlen (Department of Art and Art History, College of Arts and Science)
  • Martin Gaal (Department of Political Studies, College of Arts and Science)
  • Laura Wright (Department of Sociology, College of Arts and Science)
  • Adrian Clark (Department of Chemistry, College of Arts and Science)
  • Scott Thompson (Department of Sociology, College of Arts and Science)
  • Barbara von Tigerstrom (College of Law)
  • Noelle Rohatinsky (College of Nursing)
  • Glenn Stuart (Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, College of Arts and Science)
  • Tania Duclos (Department of Language, Literature, and Cultural Studies, St. Thomas More College)

2017-18 Winners

  • Nathalie Johnstone (Department of Accounting; Edwards School of Business)
  • David York (Department of Political Studies; Arts and Science)
  • Roman Lukyanenko (Department of Finance and Management Science; Edwards School of Business)
  • Kyle Anderson (Department of Biochemistry; Medicine)
  • James Johnston (Department of Mechanical Engineering; Engineering)
  • Jeffrey Long (Department of Computer Science; Arts and Science)
  • Debbie Rolfes (Graham School of Professional Development)
  • Yin Liu (Department of English; Arts and Science)
  • Sarah Nickel (Department of Indigenous Studies; Arts and Science)
  • Krystopher Chutko (Department of Geography and Planning; Arts and Science)

2016-17 Winners

  • Steven Rayan (Department of Mathematics and Statistics)
  • Barbara Phillips (Department of Management and Marketing, Edwards School of Business)
  • Karen Schwean-Lardner (Department of Animal and Poultry Science, College of Agriculture)
  • Patrick Kelly (St. Thomas More College)
  • Jeff Schoenau (Department of Soil Science)
  • Nadya Foty-Oneschuk (St. Thomas More College)
  • Simonne Horwitz (Department of History)
  • Fred Phillips (Department of Accounting, Edwards School of Business)
  • Brian Zulkoskey (Department of Physics)
  • Carolyn Brooks (Department of Sociology)

2015-16 Winners

  • Al Chicoine, Veterinary Biomedical Sciences
  • Alynn Brischuk, College of Kinesiology
  • Shelley Peacock, College of Nursing
  • Debbie Pushor, Curriculum Studies
  • Neil Chilton, Biology
  • Harry Deneer, Microbiology & Immunology
  • Clayton Bangsund, College of Law
  • Chris Clark, Large Animal Clinical Sciences
  • Chelsea Willness, Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour
  • Shawna Berenbaum, College of Pharmacy & Nutrition

2014-15 Winners

  • Cheryl Besse (Nursing)
  • Vince Bruni-Bossio (Management/Marketing)
  • Tracie Risling (Nursing)
  • Bruce Wobeser (Veterinary Pathology)
  • Zachary Yuzwa (St. Thomas More College)
  • Brenda Kelly (Educational Curriculum)
  • Jacob Semko (Art and Art History)
  • Jennifer Chlan (Anatomy and Cell Biology)
  • Janeen Loehr (Psychology)
  • Brandy Mackintosh (Accounting)
  • Scott Johnston (Instructional Support – Computer Science)

2013-14 Winners

  • Alec Aitken (Geography and Planning)
  • Carla Orosz (Drama)
  • Scott Napper (Biochemistry)
  • Paul Orlowski (Educational Foundations)
  • Dean McNeill (Music)
  • Monica Popa (Management and Marketing)
  • Kathryn Labelle (History)
  • John Moffatt (Ron and Jane Graham School of Professional Development)
  • James Smith (Accounting)
  • Tansley David (Languages and Linguistics)
  • Qin Xiang (Instructional Support – Religion and Culture)

2012-13 Winners

  • Beverley Kobelsky (Drama)
  • Allan Dolovich (Mechanical Engineering)
  • William Robertson (ITEP – English)
  • Richard Katz (Psychology)
  • Mehdi Nemati (Chemical & Biological Engineering)
  • Katharina Lohmann (Large Animal Clinical Science)
  • Darcy Allen (Dentistry)
  • Daniel Neilson (Computer Science)
  • Jason Zorbas (Political Studies)
  • Jitendrapal Sharma (Civil & Geological Engineering)
  • Joyce Walker (Instructional Support Winner – Pharmacy)

2011-12 Winners

  • Karla Griffin (Art & Art History)
  • Barbara von Tigerstrom (College of Law)
  • Bruce Sparling (Civil & Geological Engineering)
  • Wayne Dyck (Educational Psychology & Special Education)
  • David Schreyer (Anatomy & Cell Biology)
  • Glorie Tebbutt (English)
  • Dionne Pohler (Edwards School of Business)
  • Lorin Elias (Psychology)
  • Donald Story (Political Studies)
  • George Keyworth (Religion & Culture)

2010-11 Winners

  • Barry Blakley (Veterinary Biomedical Sciences)
  • Rachelle Brockman (Edwards School of Business)
  • Nadya Foty (St. Thomas More College (Ukrainian)
  • Darlene Kelly (St. Thomas More College (English)
  • Sean Mulligan (Department of Physiology, College of Medicine)
  • Cindy Nylund (College of Nursing)
  • Nelly Plantiveau (St. Thomas More College (French)
  • Rhonda Shewfelt (Veterinary Biomedical Sciences)
  • Cindy Shmon (Small Animal Clinical Sciences)
  • Susan Taylor (Small Animal Clinical Sciences)

2009-10 Winners

  • Carolyn Brooks (Sociology)
  • Jim Gibbons (Veterinary Biomedical Sciences)
  • Paul Olszynski (Medicine)
  • Sarah Powrie (English)
  • Keith Russell (Kinesiology)
  • Lynne Sandmeyer (Small Animal Clinical Sciences)
  • Jeff Schoenau (Soil Sciences)
  • Stella Spriet (Languages and Linguistics)
  • Mark Wickstrom (Toxicology)
  • Keith Willoughby (Finance and Management Science)

2008-09 Winners

  • Michael P. Bradley (College of Engineering (Physics)
  • Simonne Horwitz (Department of History)
  • Dr. G. L. Gusthart (College of Kinesiology)
  • Dr. Greg Malin (Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology)
  • Elizabeth Quinlan (Department of Sociology)
  • Dr. Ann Martin (Department of English)
  • Dr. Swarnam Ravindran (Department of Chemistry)
  • Dr. Ric Devon (Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology)
  • Joy Agnew (College of Engineering)
  • Dr. G. V. Loewe (Interdisciplinary Studies)

2007-2008 Winners

  • Professor Art Davis (Department of Biology)
  • Dr. Pamela Downe (Department of Women’s and Gender Studies)
  • Dr. Mark Ebert (Department of Religious Studies and Anthropology)
  • Assistant Professor Joel Lanovaz (College of Kinesiology)
  • Dr. Richard J. Long (Edwards School of Business)
  • Assistant Professor Brandy Mackintosh (Edwards School of Business)
  • Dr. Scott Napper (Department of Biochemistry)
  • Professor Roby Pywell (Department of Physics)
  • Dr. Bonnie L. Stelmach (Department of Educational Administration)
  • Assistant Professor Anne-Marie Wheeler (Department of Languages and Linguistics)

2006-2007 Winners

  • Ellen Black (German)
  • Ann DeVito (Latin)
  • Iryna Dudka (Ukrainian)
  • Jim Handy (History)
  • Marie Lovrod (Women’s and Gender Studies)
  • Susan McDonald (English)
  • Tim Molnar (Educational Curriculum)
  • Peter Purdue (Art Education)
  • Yang Shi (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Jeffrey Steeves (Political Studies)

2005-2006 Winners

  • Prof. Adam Bourassa (Engineering)
  • Dr. Jamie Campbell (Arts & Science)
  • Dr. Trever Crowe (Engineerin)
  • Dr. Xulin Guo (Arts & Science)
  • Dr. Louise Humbert (Kinesiology)
  • Dr. Fred Phillips (Commerce)
  • Prof. David Rozotto (Arts & Science)
  • Dr. Jaswant Singh (WCVM)
  • Dr. Jeff Taylor (Pharmacy & Nutrition)
  • Dr. Ken Van Rees (Agriculture)

2004-2005 Winners

  • Dr. Chris Clark (WCVM Large Animal Medicine)
  • Dr. Cindy Shmon (WCVM SACS)
  • Dr. Vikram Misra (WCVM Virology)
  • Dr. Patricia Dowling (WCVM Pharmacology)
  • Dr. Edwin Ralph (EDCUR)
  • Yin Liu (English)
  • Eric Howe (Economics)
  • Raymon Montalbetti (Drama)
  • Dr. Robert Lindsay (Native Studies)
  • Ron Wheeler (Political Studies)

2003-2004 Winners

  • Mark Carter (Law)
  • Paul Chartrand (Law)
  • Vanina Dal Bello-Haas (Physical Therapy)
  • Gordon DesBrisay (History)
  • John Lavery (English)
  • Rodolfo Pino-Robles (Native Studies)
  • Keith Russell (Kinesiology)
  • Verna St. Denis (EDIND)
  • Ludmilla Voitkovska (Russian)
  • Sharon Wright (History)
  • Brian Zulkoskey (Physics)

2002-2003 Winners

  • Carolyn Brooks (Sociology)
  • Dr. Hugo Cota Sanchez (Biology)
  • Dr. Allan T. Dolovich (General Engineering)
  • Dr. Silke R. Falkner (German)
  • Prof. John McCannon (History)
  • Dr. Terry Matheson (English)
  • Dr. Jitendrapal Sharma (Civil Engineering)
  • Dr. Julio Torres Recinos (Spanish)
  • Dr. Karen Wiebe (Biology)

2001-2002 Winners

  • Dr. Theresa Zolner (Psychology)
  • Dr. John C. Courtney (Political Studies)
  • Prof. Doug Degenstein (Engineering Physics)
  • Dr. Harry Deneer (Microbiology & Immunology)
  • Dr. Lorin Elias (Psychology)
  • Dr. Leon Wegner (Civil Engineering)
  • Professor Ayten Archer (Commerce)
  • John Thompson (Sociology)
  • John Porter (Classics/History)
  • Prof. Joy St. John (Women & Gender Studies)

2000-2001 Winners

  • Prof. Marj Benson (Law)
  • Prof. Ellen Black (Languages and Linguistics)
  • Prof. Mark Burgess (Psychology)
  • Dr. Karen Chad (Kinesiology)
  • Dr. Len Gusthart (Kinesiology)
  • Prof. Pamela Haig Bartley (Drama)
  • Prof. Laura Klassen (Physical Therapy)
  • Prof. Lesley McBain (Native Studies)
  • Dr. Diana Relke (Women’s and Gender Studies)
  • Dr. Ben Rosser (Anatomy and Cell Biology)

1999-2000 Winners

  • Dr. Tom Steele (Physics)
  • Dr. Peta Bonham-Smith (Biology)
  • Dr. John Sibley (Medicine)
  • Dr. Scott Napper (Biochemistry)
  • Ms. Colleen Youngs, M.A. (Native Studies)
  • Dr. Mel Hosain (Engineering)
  • Mr. Shawn Davison, M.Sc. (Kinesiology)
  • Mr. Raymon Montalbetti, B.A., B.E. (Drama)
  • Dr. Brian Ulmer (Medicine)
  • Dr. Stanley Rubin (Veterinary Medicine)

1998-1999 Winners

  • Dr. Lesley Biggs (Women & Gender Studies)
  • Dr. Geri Blandford (Dentistry)
  • Dr. Louise Humbert (Kinesiology)
  • Dr. Michael Kennedy (English)
  • Claire Lipscomb (English)
  • Dr. Tammy Marche (St. Thomas More)
  • Dr. Patricia McDougall (St. Thomas More)
  • Dr. Adel Mohamed (Medicine)
  • Dr. Fred Phillips (Commerce)
  • Dr. Ernie Walker (Archeology)

1997-1998 Winners

  • Art Davis (Biology)
  • John Dimmock (Pharmacy)
  • Isobel Findlay (English)
  • Len Findlay (English)
  • Edwin Ralph (Education)
  • Alan Reese (History)
  • David Smith (Political Studies)
  • Andrew Taylor (English)
  • Lisa Vargo (English)
  • Brian Zulkoskey (Physics)

1996-1997 Winners

  • Ernie Barber (Engineering)
  • Malcome Devine (Agriculture)
  • Pamela Downe (Women and Gender Studies)
  • Mel Hosain (Engineering)
  • Perry Kimber (Physical Therapy)
  • M. K. Leung (History)
  • P. G. Mezey (Chemistry)
  • Barb Phillips (Commerce)
  • Keith Taylor (Mathematics)
  • Byrad Yyelland (Sociology)

1995-1996 Winners

  • S. L. Barbour (Engineering)
  • J. Boychuck Duchene (Nursing)
  • Len Findlay (English)
  • E. Glasov Corrigan (S.T.M.)
  • R. J. Griffen (S.T.M.)
  • L. E. Klassen (Physical Therapy)
  • P. Kopas (Arts and Science)
  • M. Murphy (Education)
  • R. Padwal (S.T.M.)
  • Ben Rosser (Anatomy)

1994-1995 Winners

  • M. Benson (Law)
  • K. Chad (Physical Education)
  • R. Franco (Modern Languages)
  • S. Myers (Dentistry)
  • J. Gajadharsingh (Education)
  • M. Lyon (Medicine)
  • L. Oliphant (Veterinary Medicine)
  • F. Otero (Dentistry)
  • D. J. Parkinson (English)
  • M. S. C. Pedras (Chemistry)

1993-1994 Winners

  • Lee Barbour (Engineering)
  • David Blades (Education)
  • Dianne Blanchette (Education)
  • Gary Davis (Physics)
  • David DeBrou (History)
  • Pamela Haig-Bartley (Drama)
  • Edwin Ralph (Education)
  • Ben Rosser (Anatomy)
  • Dave Scott (Psychology)

1992-1993 Winners

  • R. D. Bell (Physical Education)
  • Colin Boyd (Commerce)
  • R. C. C. Cummings (Law)
  • Mel Hsain (Engineering)
  • J. W. Hubbard (Pharmacy)
  • E. J. McCullough (S.T.M.)
  • C. Peternelj Taylor (Nursing)
  • Peter MacKinnon (Law)
  • Dan Sydiaha (Psychology)
  • Karen Wright (Nursing)