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Why Ratify?

Ratification is the only way in which your group is entitled to all the benefits listed in the previous section. Although the process can be somewhat of a mystery, we hope to shed light on the process and make it easier for your application to be accepted.

What is the deadline for ratification?

There is no deadline for ratification, however keep in mind that ratifying can take time and you have to wait until this is finished before receiving benefits such as room bookings. Also, ratifying during the summer is preferred to allow your group to get a spot at Welcome Week or Campus Club Week.

When does our ratification expire?

Ratifications expire on May 1st of every year, regardless of when the group was ratified. Please make sure to re-ratify your group each year over the summer.

1. Prepare Materials

First of all, it is required that you read both this guide and the Campus Groups Policy before submitting an application for ratification so that you understand the types of groups which will be approved by the USSU. Then, you’ll need to prepare the following materials in a digital PDF format:

  • Articles of Incorporation (if applicable) – if your group is also a Non-Profit Organization in Saskatchewan then make sure to find your Articles.
  • Bank Statement – your group needs to have a bank account in the name of your group and prove this by providing a recent bank statement. Notices of Balance and screenshots of online banking applications are also accepted. If you do not have a bank account then the USSU recommends using the RBC across the street from the University because they have experience dealing with Campus Groups.
  • Constitution – the USSU requires that you have a constitution that meets the following requirements: (a sample constitution is available for new groups that do not yet have one)
    • It outlines the purposes and objectives of the group
    • Only current U of S undergraduate students may hold voting privileges and executive positions
    • At least 2 members of the executive have co-signing authority
    • Specifies that the club’s views and actions do not represent the USSU
    • It is the most recent and approved copy of the constitution as voted on by members
  • List of Members – you must prove that the group has at least 15 members by providing their names, emails, and student numbers. Make sure to highlight which of these members hold executive positions (such as President).
  • List of Planned Activities – for insurance purposes please list all the events planned for the upcoming year. This list must include the following information: name of event, tentative date(s), expected attendance, location (be specific if known), will alcohol be present (yes/no) – if yes, is event licensed by your group?

Group Categories

Groups can now choose what category they fall under. Some of the different categories are college societies, social activism and political, religious and cultural, charitable and many more. The clubs will then be organized on the USSU’s webpage based on the categories selected on the ratification. This will make it easier for students to join a club by searching based on interests.

2. Submit Ratification Form

Once you have prepared all the materials then get the President of your group to submit them all using the online form, this form is available on the USSU website. Make sure to upload ALL of the documents because incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Included on the form are spaces to enter a group description, email, website, and Facebook/Twitter links. These will all be used on the USSU website to promote your group. To update this information during the year just email the VP OpFin.

3. Pay Fees and Wait for Approval

After submitting the ratification form the final step is to pay the ratification fees. Come to the USSU Reception to pay by cheque, cash, or debit/credit card. The ratification fee depends on the size and type of the group:

College Society (0 – 500 students in college)


College Society (500 – 1000 students in college)


College Society (1000+ students in college)


Sports Clubs


Campus Clubs (most common)


These fees are outlined in the Campus Groups Policy. After paying fees, the final step is to wait for approval by the Budget and Finance Committee (BFC).

The fees are based on the estimated risk of planned events over the year and varies based on the approximate membership size of the group.

Since the BFC only meets bi-weekly, ratification may take several weeks to process. However, for groups that were ratified in the previous year this process is no longer necessary and ratifications can happen within days instead of weeks.