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Membership Fees

The USSU recommends that Campus Groups charge an annual membership fee. Membership fees provide a base of funding for the group each year. The USSU has funding available for Campus Groups. However, such funding is not granted to cover operating costs since a Campus Group should be financially independent of the Union. Funding is granted for special events as outlined in under USSU Sponsorship.


Holding fundraising events is a great way to make money through selling tickets. Groups have been very creative in the past as to the different contests, promotions, and events that are used to make money for the group.

USSU Sponsorship

Ratified groups must fill out an online form in order to apply for sponsorship.

In total, the maximum amount of combined sponsorship from all sources is one thousand dollars ($1000) per academic year. This combined sponsorship may be split up between three sources with the following constraints:

  • A cash grant of up to five hundred dollars ($500) of USSU monies to be used towards offsetting an event’s budget. Supporting receipts and invoices with proof of payment must be provided.
  • A credit of up to one thousand dollars ($1000) of USSU credit to be used at any of the USSU’s operations.
  • Up to two hundred dollars ($200) of PepsiCo product and merchandise sponsorship. This must be ordered at least a week in advance.

Other Funding Sources

There are a select number of other funding sources available around the University and around the community. Of course, another option is always to attempt to find private sponsorship that has been successful for many groups. Try sending out letters to businesses in the scope of your group to see if there is any interest.

The USSU and Office of Sustainability Fund

The USSU in collaboration with the U of S Office of Sustainability is very excited to announce a brand new student sustainability fund! The fund stands at a total of $5000 dollars and is dedicated to helping students achieve their sustainable initiatives!

To apply, please click here

For more information, please email