As a ratified student group you have access to up to $1000 in total funding. All funding requests must be received ten business days prior to the event. The funding breakdown is as follows:

1. Up to $500 in cash funding
2. Up to $1000 of credit for any of the USSU’s operations (Louis’, Louis’ Loft, XL Print & Design)
3. Up to $500 in Pepsi product credit

Funding applications are reviewed by the Budget and Finance Committee on a regular basis. Funding requests in excess of $100 dollars must be approved by the Budget and Finance Committee. Applications in excess may require a brief presentation to the committee. Applications from any given week (Monday to Sunday) will be reviewed by the Budget and Finance Committee the following week, with funding notices being issued within 36 hours of the meeting.

To Accommodate this schedule, please submit your application no less than 10 days before you require funding. If you are requesting Pepsi product, please submit your application three weeks before your event to allow for approval and delivery of your product.

Templates for funding applications:

Click here to apply for funding 

The USSU will not disperse funds to Campus Groups for:
• Direct donation to charity
• The cost of alcohol served at any event
• Administrative costs of the group/ society
• Year-end banquets
• Graduation banquets
• Travel or travel expenses
• Direct cash giveaway

Cash Funding

The USSU provides up to $500 cash funding for groups/societies. Campus groups must apply for funding prior to the event, approval or rejection of funding requests is at the discretion of the budget and finance committee. The cash funding provided by the USSU is dispersed after the VP Operations and Finance and the Budget and Finance Committee receive receipts from the event up to the amount the group applied for in their funding application. Cheques will not be reissued by the USSU.

Operations Funding

The USSU provides up to $1000 in credit for its various operations including Louis’, Louis’ Loft and XL Print and Design. Student groups must apply for this credit prior to the event taking place.

Louis’ and Louis’ Loft

Students can access a wide variety of items from Louis’ and Louis’ Loft. Please contact with your order and the number of people attending the event.

XL Print and Design

Students can access various printing and design services through XL Print and Design for events and other activities the group may hold throughout the ratification term.

Pepsi Funding

The USSU offers a maximum amount of $500 of Pepsi products, groups must submit a request for Pepsi funding and the reason for the request. Approved requests will have a funding approval number on the bottom of the page, this approval number can be used in the Pepsi database where groups can choose which products they want to order, the order is sent to the VP Operations and Finance who will approve the product list. Pepsi product can be picked up at the USSU office and a notification will be sent to the group when the product is available.

The USSU and Office of Sustainability Fund

The USSU in collaboration with the U of S Office of Sustainability is very excited to announce a brand new student sustainability fund! The fund is dedicated to helping students achieve their sustainable initiatives!

To apply, please click here

For more information, please email