When to get Insurance

Obtaining insurance is necessary in the following three cases:

  • Events where alcohol is being served
  • Events that have not been pre-approved by the USSU during ratification for general liability insurance
  • Any other event that carries significant risk, such as sporting competitions

All insurance forms must be properly filled out and submitted to the USSU no less than two (2) weeks prior to the event.

Obtaining Insurance

  1. Pick up insurance form from USSU Reception and set up a time to get signatures from VP OpFin as well as Student Crew Supervisor.  Groups must be ratified before the Memorandum of Insurance can be given.
  2. Go to the Dean of the College in which the event will be held for On-Campus Events or to the Site Manager for Off-Campus Events.  A signature is required to ensure the event reflects positively on the College or facility.
  3. Return to USSU Office in order to receive a signature from Student Crew Supervisor and VP OpFin.  They will check to ensure the form is filled out properly and necessary Server Intervention Training scheduled well ahead of the event.
  4. For On Campus Events, take the form to SESD Building no later than 1 week prior to the event to ensure room scheduling if necessary and get a signature from the executive assistant.
  5. Return form to the USSU Office, where the Receptionist checks the form to ensure it is properly filled out with all the appropriate signatures and the group is ratified.  Upon checking to see that all is in order and after receiving payment, the Receptionist will then provide the group with a Memorandum of Insurance.
  6. Coordinate security for the event with the Student Crew Supervisor.  This is necessary, as per the U of S Alcohol Policy.

Room Scheduling

  • The individual who is filling out the Application for Memorandum of Insurance must be the same individual who is booking the room with Room Scheduling

Provincial Liquor Board Store

  • Acquire your Special Occasions Permit

Insurance Costs

  • Non-Alcohol Based Events
    • $50 per event
  • Alcohol-Based Events
    • On-campus event
      • $50 per event
    • Off-campus event
      • base fee of $50.00 and 50 cents per student to a maximum of $500.00 per event
  • All insurance forms must be properly filled out and handed into the USSU no less than two (2) weeks prior to the event. 
  • The USSU will not temporarily hold partially filled insurance forms under any circumstances.
  • The USSU reserves the right to withhold approval of events in conjunction with the insurer based on the nature and/or history of the event.  If the event is not approved, the USSU will not extend its liability coverage for that specific event.
  • The USSU refuses to provide insurance coverage for pub-crawls and beer nights.